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greeting and conversation.

Background Mike Rogero's Onwalkabout India and Nepal motorcycle trip and plan
Mike RogeroAfter spending 13 years in Taiwan, it was time to go “onwalkabout”, see a little of the world and do some of those things that I'd been putting off for years. This is a journal of a motorcycle adventure riding around India, Nepal and Bangladesh on a classic Royal Enfield Bullet for most of 2003. I had a goal to follow where the road led and take pictures of the beauty I saw on the way. With just that as a rough idea, a GPS to guide me and this site, a notebook and camera to bring you along.

This is Mike Rogero's story of a year on a motorcycle, a trip of a lifetime through some of the world's most fascinating countries and my adventures along the way...more....

Latest Onwalkabout.com Site News
( 2004-03-12 ) Oh how things slip away so fast! Just a little over three months after leaving India the memories are starting to fade as life returns to something more normal. However, there are still things to write before they slip away completely and some things I still want to improve on the site before I give it a final wrap up. I have updated the trip goals with a final update, added a new downloads section, completed the last journal and now all of photo galleries have a gallery selector. I hope you enjoy the site and my memories of the Onwalkabout.com trip! - My travels in South America continue at my other site www.rogero.com...
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( 2003-12-30) - The sky is a brilliant blue as I set out for the last day's ride to Delhi which is very appropriate as the entire trip was about heading off into the wild blue yonder. What sticks in my mind on this trip in is the odometer clicking over as I drove back to Delhi. When I was in Nepal having a jacket made to remember the trip I had to pick a final number of kilometers for the trip. It had taken me six months to reach 7,500 kilometers but pulling out my maps and the places I still wanted to go I took a guess at 12,000...more....
Onwalkabout Features section
My Royal Enfield 500cc Bullet - I've decided this beast should be called "the mule"...it has a mind of its own, is stubborn as all hell and only goes when it wants too!

Eliminating the Noise of India
Elimination of the worst part of India, the NOISE
Noise in India is incessant and everywhere. By night there is Bollywood at full-blast at 3am and by 6am the horns of the Tata trucks have already started, not to stop till late into the evening. Through the day the noise never ceases, but in a restaurant in Katmandu, I find the answer to the aggravation.

All the things I wish I'd known before I came onwalkabout
All The Things I Wish I'd Known Before I Went Onwalkabout!
I came to India with only a vague idea of what this trip was to be about and because of that, there was a lot of learning that had to be done the hard way. I've written down all I wish I'd known before I came in the hopes that I can save someone else some of the hard knocks that I took figuring out how to survive on this trip.
Indian Border Roads Organization Signs
Signs on the Road of Life - Wisdom from the side of the Indian Roads
One must hand it to the Border Roads Organization for keeping up the humor on Indian roads with some very amusing signs. Even better these signs which seem to come every few kilometers are there to help encourage responsible driving, something which is sorely needed.
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